The power of having a book of visions.

I keep this book close to my heart.

I truly believe we can BE everything we set out to BE. 

We create it all. With our words, thoughts and most important, most powerful, most grandiose: our actions.

That´s why we need a place to write down our words and get our thoughts out in to the world. To be the BEST we can be.

Because we forget. We tend to forget... don´t we?
We get distracted, the world spins, days go by, life happens... and we lose
connection to the greatness we have within, and we stop believing that we CAN. 
That`s why we should have a book to remind us. 
That we CAN. 
Remind us
that we can start, 
by following our hearts.

I leave you with this; a quote from my favorite butterfly: 


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