Why do you create?

I do it because it makes me feel useful and whole, that is the main reason I come back to it day after day. I love to make use of old fabric and turning them into new pillows, bags and skirts (or whatever really). That can be cherished, loved and cared for in a different way than before. (I imagine that the progress of sewing it all together actually makes the fabric feel useful and whole to!)

Crafting helps me relax. And working on a project makes all my messy thoughts work together to focus on reaching the goal. While working, my hands seem to have a mind of their own and feeling my hands working makes me feel peaceful and calm.  

I always felt compelled to create with my hands. Something , anything… By filling a void and creating, something needed I feel alive and with purpose. It is a great rush to create something that never existed before. To see an idea that has sprung from your imagination manifested into the world.

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