Printing fabric with wood logs

I always look in different directions to get new inspirations for my next creation. This time I went out to the woodshed and found some interesting shapes that I wanted to put on fabric.

When you start looking, you find that the surface of the log has a nice texture to it and that the shapes of every individual log varies. It is like they all have their own fingerprint. So every new log and print will come out different and uniquely. 
This unique nature of the log is what first attracted me to it, and when I started experiment with it I understood that the variations are endless.

You simply use fabric paint, smearing it out with a brush or using a sponge.

Pushing the log down at your fabric creates a print. 

And you can easily create a unique pattern by turning the log.

When dry, you fixate the color by iron it for about 1 minute. (You can read the instruction on your paint bottle.) If you iron then your color will stay safe when you put it in the washing machine. 

Now you can make a pillow, bag, tote or skirt with your own fabric design inspired by nature.

2 kommentarer:

Kelley sa...

how wonderful! I have seen and done the vegetable printing but I love the way the grain looks in these prints! beautiful!

The buschcrafter sa...

Kelley, I really like the structure to!