Welcome to The Bushcrafter

I´m Jenny!  
I am a textile crafter. I call myself The Bushcrafter. 
I am a soul centred creator. 
I am an artist and a teacher.

In me I have some sort of fabric spirit who wants, pretty much, nothing else but to create. 
So I let it.

You know. Let spirit be, what spirit is.
I would say we are all crafters. In one way, or another.
When I´m faced with a problem. 
I try to solve it by using what I got. 
That´s crafting for me.

I enjoy infusing crafting and recycling together, making ordinary things in to beautiful things!
I am a hunter, gather and a creator. I really feel like that is what I was born to do.

I have to make stuff. I cannot NOT make stuff.  

I love to hunt and gather fabric and yarns,  and create things of what I collect and have at home.

I have worked with textiles for as long as I can remember...

At the same time, I often feel my experience is limited, but I always start from where I stand.

Here´s what I do when I´m faced with something that feels difficult for me. 

1.) I give it a try. (It tends to work out.

2.) If it doesn´t work out, I´ll try to find a way around it.

That second one can bring much joy. To actually create your own solution to a problem, Is mucho fulfilling!

You can do it to.

If you feel the urge to create, in the material of your choice. I encourage you to start.

Just do it.

That´s why I started this blog: To inspire. 

Not sure how to start?

Start here. There are many good links that can inspire you and lot of lovely projects. 

You do not need to know everything, to get started.

Just follow your heart and know that:

Knowledge is OVERRATED, to have the will to do something is EVERYTHING.

If you want to create something....
You can!

If you want to create something...

You start and learn from your "mistakes"!  

If you want to create something...

Just do it!

That´s what I do... 

"All you need is passion. 

If you have a passion for something,

 you´ll create the talent.


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