Juciy fruity orange/strawberry plastic beads ABC

Oh my! This thing with plastic beads are so much fun, we can´t seem to stop. You may see a lot more of this in the future. 

I love this fruity orange and pink raspberry color and think they go so well together.

The plan is to make small, round pegs with every letter from A-Ö. In Sweden we have 29 letters, which includes ÅÄÖ at the very end. 

At the point when this picture was taken, we were at the letter H, now we're at J. It is slowly coming along. I will post an update when we are all done.

I have an idea about using this alphabet, along with the Wiking abc, in an alphabet sorting activity. I´m trying to find more things from nature to write the alphabet on.

Do you have any idea or tips on what to use? Leafs, nuts, pinecones? Just send me a line in the comments.

Tomorrow we will be out on the lake, ice fishing. I will walk the shore and see if I can find something to use.  

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Natalie PlanetSmartyPants sa...

What a fun to do with these beads! Thanks for sharing with After School Link Up!

The buschcrafter sa...

Thank you, Natalie!