Stonefeud and heavy pockets

This past weekend was spent outside, hunting and gathering for stones and pebbles. Close to the creek was where we found our treasures. Soft, round and oddly shaped stones was collected and put in our pockets. 

We had collected a few stones for the Moth on Rock project but for this Stone abc we needed more. Lots more. Our pockets were heavy when we walked home.

We tried to let the shape of the stone decide what letter we would write on it. Some stones and letters were easy to match, other more difficult, but every time we found a stone that looked like a letter we were happy.

Let's see how they turned out:
We needed a bag for the stones, here's one from an old pair of jeans.

Now we can take the stones with us and create words werever we want! 

We even created a name for it! Brand new concept, you probably never heard about it!

Ladies and gents, let me introduce to you; Stonefeud!

3 kommentarer:

Coombe Mill sa...

I'm loving those pant markers, much easier to draw with than ordinary paint on stones

Monica Pruett sa...

Great post! It's being featured at Family Fun Friday! http://happyandblessedhome.com/2014/05/family-fun-friday-week-69-outdoor-family-fun.html
Thanks for sharing!

The buschcrafter sa...

Coombe Mill - Yes! so much fun. Oh, thank you Monica! That´s great!