Flower hair pins, using only salvaged materials.

  Step three on my big DOILY PROJECT: Making something fun and new out of old doilies, ( check out the lion-doily here). (and the sparkling ombre doily pillow here).

I love old doilies and their crisp and fragile appearance, but they have a way of just lying there in a drawer, collecting dust. Don’t they? 

Instead of hiding them from the world, my mission is to find some practical (and beautiful) uses for them. 
Once in a while you might get your hands on some really tiny doilies.  I don´t find them very often, but when I do, they are a real mystery to me… What were they used for? What were they main purpose in life? Besides looking cute.

I still don’t know their purpose, but here’s how I made some new use for them: 

Flower hair pins, using only salvaged materials. (Following my mantra Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose.)

I used the flower petal of an old, broken  flower light chain, that looked like this:

Detach the petals and  you are ready to go.  

Here is a quick how to:

Bring out your needle and a small piece of fabric.
Sew true all the layers.
Attatch the pin.

And you are done!

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ButterandBuntings sa...

I really love this. Im a big fan of using old recycled materials. Oh and those colurful doilies you put on instagram..cant wait to see how you use them! On my little blog, ive joined a blog hop and ive tagged you in you want to join. No pressure! xx taz