Ombre doily pillow - Rainbow color.

Step two on my self-chosen project: Making something fun out of old doilies, ( check out the lion-doily here). 

I love old doilies and their crisp and fragile appearance, but they have a way of just lying there in a drawer, collecting dust. Don’t they? 

I´ve noticed they are easy and cheap to collect in flee markets too. But my heart breaks over the low prices, when I think about all the hard work that is put in to each one of them...

So instead of hiding them from the world, my mission is to find some practical (and beautiful) uses for them. 

What you can do, that you might never have considered, is to paint the doily. Yes, it can be done! And it is all quite funny actually. Let me show you, in this simple step by step tutorial:

For this project I used fabric paint.

I used tape to make the triangle pattern.

Then you just paint the doily, I’ve used a strong color at the edges and a lighter color in the center, to get that ombre effect.

I also tried to save some white in between the ombre colored spaces.

Let it dry, and then sew it on a white piece of fabric. 

The pillow case should be approx. 1 inch (2cm) outside of your doily.

Sew around the edges. Turn. Fill with soft materials.

And you are done.
Use it as a pillow and rest your head or use it as a display and put strange things on it!

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ButterandBuntings sa...

Oh my goodness, this is the best thing i have seen. I am going to go buy fabric paint tomorrow. Just found your blog. I love it. Such beautiful photos. I tarryn, im on instagram as tarryncarr and one half of hundreds and thousands magazine. i cant wait for your next blog post! xx

The buschcrafter sa...

Cool! Nice to meet you Tarryn. I loooove your style over at hundreds and thousands!