What inspire me..

Often I get ideas and get inspired by looking at pictures from other creative people, without them I think I would be a lot less creative.

For example I got the idea to make a fish bag when I saw theese red and blue paper fishes hanging about.
On a vintage flee market I saw this idea of displaying their fabric (picture on the left), When I came home I had to make one of my own.
 Theese lovely little things on the left inspired me to try to paint on doilies.
Tarryn at butter and buntings inspired me to make gigantic tassels
And chrochet pineapple buntings made me try sewing theese. 

The best thing is; I still have some inspirational pictures left...
For example:

This picture makes me totaly inspired, I want to try make one of theese flower patchwork for my bed.
This sweet arab man with his cactus by lubasaf is just so cute.
Finally this constellation I made on my kitchen table, makes me want to sew it down and make a piece of it....

I dont know the origins of all the inspirational pictures, but a big thank YOU for the inspiration. Keep creating!

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