Bokenboken Moon Colors - Green front

BokenBoken Color Moon Book - Green front

A soft and lovely book filled with handwoven moon circles, in diffrent colors. A yellow cresent moon is attatch to the book with a string. Wich can be placed in the circle to compare colors and shapes.

It is a book for your child to play with and learn from. Includes a total of 8 handmade and decorative pages, including front and back. The pages of the book is hand sewn together trough all layers. Visit my etsy shop.

What you see on theese picture is what´s inside of the book, no suprices!
I am a firm believer that every time we spend money, we are casting a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. Because of this, I try to provide my customers with the most transparent vision of the product they're buying. When you purchase this product, you are supporting the use of:

☆ local businesses
☆ salvaged materials

The book is made from mainly recycled fabric.The product is eco friendly and HANDMADE whit love! This is a one of a kind product. Size is approx  9" X 8" , 22cm X 17cm.
Each book is made from scraps of interesting textured fabric.

I also do custum orders, maybe you want your childs name on the front or something else? Let me know if you have any questions or requests!

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